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Global NeuroSurg Research Collaborative

The Global Neurosurg Research Collaborative (GNC) is an international research network that aims to advance neurosurgical practice by conducting worldwide multicentre clinical research studies. GNC started in May 2018 by formulating a network of lead investigators in Neurosurgery to represent high-, middle-, and low-income countries. GNC is sponsored and hosted by the Neurological Surgery Department of Oregon Health and Science University and OHSU Brain Institute, the United States. The GNC is open for collaboration with other researchers, research groups, and research institutions.

GNC scope

The GNC audits the management of conditions classified under the categories of Neurotrauma, Neurovascular, Functional, and Pediatric Neurosurgery.

Who can participate in GNC multicenter studies

Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Trauma surgeons, Intensivists, Anaesthesiologists, Emergency medicine physicians, Trainees & students

Ethical approvals & protecting patient data

Collaborators are required to obtain the necessary ethical approvals and adhere to their institutional guidelines while conducting GNC studies. Collected data are kept secure on the RedCap system of the OHSU Brain Institute. Patient data are used for the purpose of the outlined studies only.

Publications & authorship

GNC studies are planned to give multiple international publications. All collaborators will get PubMed citable co-authorship as “contributors” in all the publications that arise from the project in which they participated. This model does not have an authorship list. Alternatively, the papers are published using a single group name and all collaborators are cited equally on PubMed as “contributors”. This authorship model has been successfully used by several research collaboratives in other specialties (see the example below).

Benefits of collaboration

Collaboration in GNC studies offers an opportunity to build local, national, and international research networks. Participation is also possible for medical students and trainees who need powerful publications to boost their CV and build connections to support their career pursuits.

Funding Source

The GNC is sponsored internally by the Oregon Health and Science University, OR. All participants in the GNC are volunteers who give part of their time for free to advanced neurosurgical practice. Observational studies of the GNC are not funded by a third party. However, we plan to solicit funding for future multicentre clinical trials. Through the GNC studies GNS-I and GNS-II, we aim to build a strong network of tertiary centers capable of carrying out well-designed randomized controlled trials.